Community Spotlight- Jessica Latino- Running Virtually in Colorado

This month’s community spotlight features a Run Like a Mother Virtual Runner, Jessica Latino.  Jessica is not a new runner rather she is returning to running after an injury requiring surgery that sidelined her for the past six months. Previously a competitive runner, the Virtual Run Like a Mother will be a different type of run for Jessica as she is carefully balancing her rehabilitation with her absolute craving to be on the road.    Running … Continued »

6 Tips for Finding Time for Exercise for the Over-scheduled

This Blog Post is written by Run Like a Mother’s Pre and Post Natal expert, Physical Therapist Deb Povinelli.  Deb manages an athletic family of five and gets her runs in before there is any movement in her house in the early morning.     Tick.  Tock.  Tick.  Tock.  Do you feel like you are constantly running out of time, running from one place to another, running in circles…and never finding time to run?  Mom’s … Continued »

Training Program Kicks Off

The beginning of April is a great time to reignite your love of running or to learn the sport for the first time. The air is crisp and inviting, we gain back daylight hours and the Run Like a Mother 5K is six weeks away. Plenry of time to learn to run, set a goal and make it happen!  By now, the Training Program has started in all of our race locations and women are … Continued »


Running calms my M.D.D. Last week after my most cherished Sunday run with girlfriends, a group of us stuck around the bagel shop a little longer than normal as others scattered off to lacrosse practices, church or to deliver breakfast to waiting kids. Four of us sat, sipping now cold coffee but enjoying the time together unwilling to start the rest of the day or just delay it a minute or two more.   Allison asked … Continued »

Pay It Forward

As moms it is our hope that when  we send our children out the door and into the world each day that they become caring and compassionate individuals. Hope that they love themselves enough to lead a healthy lifestyle as we show them by our own running and that they care for others in need as we do, spending countless hours volunteering,  and taking care of our children and extended family .  As moms it … Continued »

Knee Injuries in Runners

This week’s article is written by Theresa Chiaia, PT, DPT and Polly de Mille, RN, RCEP, CSCS, USAT, from the Women’s Sports Medicine Center at the Hospital for Special Surgery.  The Women’s Sports Medicine Center is the first of its kind and is a nationally recognized resource for women of all ages and abilities from professional to first time athletes.  The all female staff are all athletes and understand the importance of sport in a woman’s life. … Continued »

One Mile to Run Like a Mother- Back to Boston 2014

I did it!  Yesterday I ran a mile— all at once.  ONE MILE from start to finish, on a treadmill, in my basement, all by myself, I did it!  If a girl runs a mile in her basement by herself and no one saw it happen, does it count?  I guess that is why I am announcing it here…I want credit! One mile, one mile, I really ran a mile.  With hot pink new shoes … Continued »

Nutrition Strategies for a Busy Schedule

By Jennifer Hutchison, RD, CSSD,CSCS,LDN Moms are busy folks. You strive to master the art of balancing your workouts with family, work and friends.  Unfortunately packed schedules can cause something to give and many times, making optimal food choices wind up on the chopping block.  Here are 4 tips I use to help busy athletes fit healthy eating into their lives. 1) Set yourself up for success. A common obstacle to making healthy choices is … Continued »

Cottage Cheese—Dimply Back Side or Wonder Food?

COTTAGE CHEESE What is your first visual? Are you thinking of unfortunate photos of women walking at the beach in bikinis  with dimply thighs and bottoms in tabloid magazines (with  faces blocked), next to the ads promoting topical ointments curing the curse or  ”spot” treatments that promise a smooth, airbrushed body? Or the perfectly scooped lumpy mass on a cafeteria tray?   Poor Cottage Cheese seems to get a bad rap in either case. This chunky food always … Continued »

Community Spotlight- Laura S.

Run Like a Mother caught up with Laura, a mother from New Berlin, Wisconsin who has participated in the Run Like a Mother 5K for the past few years. (Even celebrating her birthday in her 2012 Run Like a Mother tee!)  Laura got started running in college when a roommate took a running class and encouraged her to do a few training runs.  Since college, Laura’s life has had very difficult twists and turns.  Through … Continued »